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This is my last tumblr post for 18 months.

It’s been great!

Thanks tumblr!

See you soon!


Do not, under any circumstances, ever, EVER tell a grieving person it’s time to move on.

It is never time to move on.

This is something that will be a part of their lives now.

And it’s not something that will just go away or that they will “get over.”

Losing someone will change a person’s life forever.

If you don’t understand how they’re feeling, please try to respect it. Give them the time that they need and never get annoyed with how long it takes. Because although it may lessen and seem easier to bear, it will never go away.

Straightened my hair for the first time in a very long time today. :)

Anonymous said: do you and your dad not get along?

Actually, the complete opposite! I love my dad! He’s amazing. :)


My dad

I’m 20 and my dad still does this to me.









When the maker of tumblr is on your dashboard, always reblog.


Number one rule of Tumblr.


He looks good O.O

my friends on facebook gotta look at this ;)

Always. Reblog. No. Matter. What. Blog. You. Have.

always reblog for our king


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Guess what?

All of the skirts I bought for my mission are smalls!

I wear small skirts now!!!!

I was a large last winter semester.

Then a medium during spring.

And now I’m a small!!!!

I’m just so excited!

It’s kind of a lame thing to be excited about, but whatever, I’m a small!!!

I finally lost my freshman 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People can judge me, make fun of what I believe, or discriminate against my religion.

But I am the happiest I have ever been and I am the strongest I have ever been because of the gospel.

I am finally at peace.

I wish everyone could feel this way. It’s the best feeling I have ever had in my life. Even when I thought I knew what peace and happiness felt like, this is so much more than that. It’s so pure. I will never let it go.

everyone with a cat ever

This is the most accurate thing I have ever seen.

I think I’m going to end up with two A-’s and three A’s this semester.

Which is actually making me sad.

I wanted all A’s!

But I guess if the worst thing going on in my life is a couple of A-’s, I’m golden.

Leaving Photography

It breaks my heart that I won’t be able to do any photography, or even take my nikon on my mission.

18 whole months without photography.

I might go a little bit insane.

But when I get back, I will bombard everyone with thousands of make-up photos.


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